2019 Scholarship Recipient, Courtney Sullivan with Network President Nada Vujat

Are you a woman pursuing a career in a male dominated field? Why not apply for our 2021 Breaking the Barriers scholarship

Applications open from Sunday, 11 July 2021 and Close Monday, 30 August 2021 at 5:00pm.

To apply, complete our online application form here.

The 2021 Breaking the Barriers Scholarship supports women in male dominated fields. If you are one of these women, or identify as one, and are in either:

  • your second year or beyond of study in a male dominated field; or
  • working for at least twleve months within a male dominated field with the intention to progress your career within the nominated field;

the Women’s Network Hunter encourage you to submit an application.

Applicants are invited to submit up to a 4 minute video or essay to discuss what the scholarship would mean to them as well as a bit about their experiences and aims in their selected industry.

Presentation of the Scholarship will offer a platform of recognition for our scholarship recepients and supporters at our annual Scholarship event.  

Past Scholarship Recipients: 

2019 Courtney Sullivan

2018 Katie Breckenridge

2017 Danielle Fordham

2016 Anne Shipman

2015 Keely Gawthorp

2014 Emily Milajew

2013 Stephanie Tame

2012 Michelle Avery

2011 Jaqui Bastock

2010 Melinda Allomes

2009 Amanda Smith

2008 Selena Davis

2007 Chrystal Mills