16 Days: Day 8 Community Perception, Myths & Beliefs

Women's Network (Hunter, NSW)

Day 8: Call to Action – day 8 People, it is time to start talking. Today, start a discussion with your friends around the myths not sure what is truth or hype? Have a look at this site. http://www.bdvs.org.au/information/myths–facts

Just in case you havent time, here are some truths for you to consider and discuss/research:

• Domestic Violence happens in all cultures

• Domestic Violence happens in all socio-economic groups

• It is not easy for a woman to “just leave”-a topic we will be covering in coming days.

• It is gendered and we need to name it

• It is everyone’s right to live violence free

Today, open doors, start a discussion and see where it can take us.

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