Day 5: Our Town. Our Voice

Today I would like to highlight a local initiative in the stand against domestic violence launched by the Newcastle Domestic Violence Committee.

The initiative is a domestic and family violence, community education project of the Newcastle Domestic Violence Committee. the word Voice stands for: –

Violence (domestic and family)





The vision of Our town. One Voice. is to live in a community in which adults, young people, and children relate to each other in ways that are respectful, safe and free from violence.

The mission is to education the Newcastle and Hunter Community about: –

Domestic and Family Violence and the different types of abuse

Services, organisations and programs available in the Newcastle and Hunter area

Impact of domestic and family violence on mental health and children

The latest news and information about domestic and family violence and trauma recovery

Healthy relationships

Empowering people who have experienced domestic and family violence to move from Victim to Survivor to Thriver.

Today, KNOW YOUR RESOURCES. Know where to find the answers and support for women needing assistance.

For more information on Our Town. One Voice, see their facebook page.

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