16 Days: Day 5 What does Gender Inequality have to do with anything?

16 Days: Call to Action – Day 5 – Watch THIS Video, if you have’t got time, bookmark or share. Time to explore the link between Gender Inequality & Domestic Violence.

Whether you choose to believe or agree, violence against Women IS gendered. History and Statistical analysis reveal that the perpetrators of Domestic Violence are primarily male with the vast majority of victims female.

Violence against Women is about gender inequality and without question, misogny and patriarchy.

It becomes essential therefore that we understand what these terms mean, how they impact on our daily behaviours and gender interaction and that we challenge this behaviour whenever we see it.

Today take 15 – 20 minutes to further your education and understanding around Gender Inequality and Domestic Violence.

The attached video is approx 22 minutes and gives everyday language and behaviour examples ingrained within our society.


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