16 Days: Day 6 Tell your story, or read hers.

Today I was fortunate enough to have lunch in town listening to Kellie Mills speak of the conception of 100 Alice Stories and the driving of her revelation of the impact of nonphysical violence as scarring as the wounds of physical violence.

Her project is collecting stories of survivors of abuse and her own healing through storytelling. Her aim is for women living in abuse to find information, inspiration and empowerment.

What is a story? how does reliving or hashing out trauma and negativity helping anyone? Well, besides proven therapeutic evidence, Kellie summed it up without even realising. “Rise up”. I see it as a rising up from the ashes. Change comes about when the light is strong enough for the vulgarities to be seen. Healing can be found through commonality and finding strength in other’s journeys.

Today, tell your story or read hers. Rise up. Rise up out of the ashes and bring light to the issues that need attention and change.

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