16 Days: Day 10 Respectful & Healthy Relationships

Day 16: Call to Action  Day 10 – Mindfulness Day – practice reflecting on your own behaviour in your interactions with others. Are you always respectful? What makes a respectful interaction?Everyone has a right to be treated respectfully in all areas of their life

Let’s establish some starting points with which to measure;

Everyone has a right to be treated respectfully in all areas of their life

A relationship that contains violence and abuse is NOT respectful, and

Children and Young People need to experience respectful relationships and understand that things like obsessive text messages is NOT LOVE – it is dangerous

Are YOU always respectful or mindful of the above. How are your actions and behaviours contributing or benefiting the relationships and people around you?

What makes a respectful interaction?

Ponder upon this today, consider where you are.

Some interesting information on respectful relationships as they are being addressed and tackled within our youth community can be found through this Kids Helpline article

Victoria Department of Education have an interesting resource in discussions around attempting to tackle family violence through the education system and the contribution of the Federal Government, have a look here.

For a simple overview of what a respectful relationship looks like, I like this summary from respectme.org.au

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