16 Days: Day 11 Technology Safety

16 Days: Call to Action – Day 11 Do a personal audit on your own use of technology. Here is a great Resource AND/OR Like a social media page that works to end Domestic Violence or Violence against Women such as our local one,  Carrie’s Place Inc

Technology in today’s world is a minefield. As well as an amazing and incredible resource to assist and help others, it carries a darker side that we must be mindful of. We do not issue drivers’ licenses without ensuring driver’s understand the road rules and are aware of the impact of dangerous behaviours. We should be equally vigilant in our technology use however many of us simply are not.

In addition, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria make this point simply, “although technologies such as the internet, email and mobile phones have provided benefits for victims of family violence, they have also opened up new avenues for abuse.”

Some simple actions that can assist you in tech safety include;

  • Deleting browsing history on the internet
  • Being mindful what you share on social media, such as Facebook
  • Turning off location on mobile phone when not required
  • Having a safety plan that is linked to people you can trust

Some actions you can also do to assist in utilising those great advantages of technology may be;

  • Sharing social media pages and content that empowers not humiliates
  • Have and encourage positive and safe communications
  • research sites and organisations before recommending or sharing to ensure they exist and can be trusted resources
  • join global conversations to assist positive change
  • Be familiar with resources Women in Danger can access for information or assistance

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