16 Days: Day 14 Domestic Violence & Homelessness

Write to your local state MP asking them to provide more affordable housing options for women and children escaping Domestic Violence (List of Local Members Attached below)

Did you know Domestic Violence continues to be the number 1 reason for homelessness in Australia. This is also one of many reasons why a woman cannot easily leave a violent partner. In addition, the process of leaving violence can result in placing herself and children in further harm due to lack of safe, secure, accommodation.

Today, you are encouraged to write your local Member. Discuss the issue of Homelessness. Petition for better avenues and options for women and children wscaping domestic violence. Affordable, safe and accessible housing options are essential.

Advocate for, and encourage the use of existing programs that can also assist. Have a look at this page from Carrie’s place for an example of some of the work that Shelters and Reource organisations are doing.

Emergency and longer term options need to be available for us to combat the risk and impacts of homelessness as a result of fleeing Domestic Violence. If we are committed to ending Violence against Women we need to ensure as a community we are providing safe alternatrive for those fleeing violent situations.

List of Local Members: list-of-local-state-mp

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