16 Days: Day 13 Stalking & Intimidation

16 Days; Call to Action – Day 13 There are many faces of Domestic Violence. Today, start a conversation. Stalking and Intimidation ARE forms of Domestic Violence

Ok, so a few facts in dealing with stalking and intimidation;

  • This is a CRIME under NSW law
  • Keep records of all incidents
  • Keep evidence including photos (if safe to take)
  • Tell family and friends at the time of incidents

Remember, in order to protect and prosecute, Police need to build a case to prove.

NSW Police interate the following; If you are a victim of stalking you need to understand that you are not responsible for the behaviour of the stalker (known as the offender) and that you should not be blamed in any way. 

There is an interesting article about a Study into Stalking recently published by SBS, even more interesting that the statistics used in this article were sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics from 2012 (Personal Safety). At that point, numbers indication nearly 20% of women reported having experienced stalking at some point in their life. 

Some interesting posts worth looking at:

Gaslighting, stalking and intimate partner abuse

Cyber-staking and harassment 


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