16 Days: Day 12 Sexting & Cyber Bullying

16 Days: Call to Action – Day 12 Talk to your children/family/friends on safe use of technology and watch the film Audrie and Daisy . 

While we are on the topic of technology’s contribution both positively and negatively. We need to ensure we are addressing safe technology use with those around us.

If you are local to the Hunter, you should have heard about the story that exploded earlier this year around pornography rings and the “hunting” of young women.

Explicit Website Targets Schools

Pornographic Website targets NSW schoolgirls

AFP to Investigate Porn Sharing Site

Parents of young men and women were horrified to think their children were involved in any capacity. There were over 71 schools identified and these were only what the police have been able to ascertain at the time.

Many of us sat around the table with our young ones to have the long, awkward and most necessary conversations around this story and why is was so very dangerous and wrong.

However, these dangerous behaviours are happening everyday in a variety of formats and most of us are NOT aware of when and how it is happening or if it is even happening. It is such an issue that there are entire task forces devoted to tackling Digital Safety. Sexting and Cyber Bullying are two of the most popular topics that come up.

Today, take some time to understand what is happening around you, how it impacts cultural behaviour and how we can protect ourselves and those we love as well as healthy responses when we are confronted.

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